National Gallery of Art

Let us just walk across the mall to the magnificent National Gallery of Art. The gallery was opened in 1941. The tour will take you through eight centuries of art. If you are an art lover, you had better start a new day here, since, depending on your favorite art era, it is going to take you several hours of walking, staring, and meditating to cover this wonderful collection. Happily, there are plenty of seats if you want to sit and study any particular work or just rest.

Now let us take a leap in time to the 19th century and the French Impressionists. This is one of the best Impressionist collections outside of Paris. If one has lived with prints of paintings for years, it is a thrill to come face-to-face with an original. Also featured are some outstanding works of such American artists as Mary Cassatt (“Children Playing on a Beach”), James Abbott McNeill Whistler (“The White Girl”), and Winslow Homer (“Breezing Up”).

There is one more exhibition you might want to visit, the East Building, with its collection of modern and contemporary art. You will also find a tapestry by the Catalonian artist Joan Miró. As you can see, the National Gallery will keep you occupied for hours or at least as long as your energy lasts.

Source The Watchtower

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