1950S Movie Title

I'm looking for a late 1950?s or early 1960?s television screenplay in

which a young man stumbles upon older couples who are hiding from a law

which mandates the death of all people over the age of about 30. Can anyone

come up with the title and information where I can get a copy? My

godfather thought the title was "Them," but I couldn't find any

matching plot under that name(just the movie about giant ants). He

recalls these plot details:

the couples (some of them inter-racial) were hiding out; they were

escaping the mandatory death imposed by law; a young man encounters

them, perhaps on a beach; rather than turn them in to the authorities,

he accompanies them to their hideout, and in very moving conversations

they explain to him the meaning of life.

Clarification of Question byasiatraveler-ga

Thanks everyone for trying. I think I have to give up! Just to

clarify, it is NOT Logan's Run that I'm looking for. Pinkfreud, I

think you are totally right: the controversial nature of the program

should make it stand out; which just stumps me all the more. I was

hoping a 50's tv expert would recall the movie. My godfather recalls

it being a real tear-jerker and very profound. He was about 19 y.o.,

but a very intelligent guy. (Logan's Run, by the way, wouldn't have

made such an impression on him!)

Journalist, I have already looked through the episode lists of those

shows, mostly as listed on tvtome.com. Didn't find one that fit. I

would guess that the show was live, not taped; but it seemed to take

place in several locations, include outdoor shots. So it must have

been taped. Probably lost in the dust bin of history.

Markj-ga, I did come across that article some time ago. Thanks, though.

Adm7373, ???

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