2Nd Hand Dvd, Video Game, Cd & Book Markets Online & Offline in Uk & Usa

I would like to know the size and shape of the 2nd hand DVD, Video

Game, CD and Book markets in the UK & USA (with the emphasis on the



(1) Market size (Total yearly revenue) from sales of 2nd hand DVDs,

Video Games, CDs & Books (for each market separately)

(2) Offline / Online split (Based on yearly revenue) for sales of 2nd

hand DVDs, Video Games, CDs & Books (for each market separately)

(3) eBay and Amazon share of ecommerce revenues in the UK and USA

(across all products) plus (if possible) "Amazon Market Place" size

(across all products) in the UK and USA.

(4) Number of DVDs, CDs, Video Games, Books OWNED (not purchased) by

the average household (or consumer) in the UK and USA. In other

words, how many DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Books are sitting on our

shelves at home?


(1) Data does not need to be all from one source, but can be pieced

together from multiple sources

(2) One way of estimating online sales would be to look at the daily

listings on all DVDs, Video Games, CDs and Books on eBay, multiply by

365 and then scale up by the share that eBay has of ecommerce in a

particular country. This would give a rough estimate of online sales

for certain products, but requires research on the share of ecommerce

that eBay takes in the UK and USA.

(3) Interested in data that is as up to date as possible. Data should

be no further back than 2003 and preferrred to be 2004 and 2005 based.

(4) Interested in articles talking about the rise of 2nd-hand online

and offline sales of DVDs, Video Games, CDs and Books (there has been

a lot of talk recently about distributors fearing the rise of 2nd hand

sales of media product and wanting to try and halt it, so these

articles might contain clues as to 2nd-hand market size and growth for

certain media products).

(5) Interested in any articles on the rise of 2nd-hand games & DVD

selling in high street retailers.

(6) Note, the 2nd-hand markets can be contructed from sales in a

variety of places: 2nd-hand sales in standard high street retailers

(particularly true for video games), 2nd-hand sales in specialist

2nd-hand high street retailers (particularly true for book sales, but

there are a number of 2nd-hand retailers/pawn-brokers/etc… that will

buy/sell 2nd-hand media product), Ad hoc/informal retail in car-boot

sales/flea markets etc (any size data for this?), Online sales of

2nd-hand (eBay and Amazon market place are the most obvious places

where this activity goes on)

Simon Miller

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