5Th Wedding Anniversary

I would need a good idea for a 5th Wedding Anniversary. I know the

theme is supposed to be "wood" for the 5th year but that is not really

important. My wifes b-day is also the anniversary so the gift must be

good! Cost is not really important either. Thanks

Request for Question Clarification byloopaction-ga

When is your anniversary / wife's birthday? Do you both like to

travel are and or are you able to travel around that time? Is she a

romantic, sports enthusiast, into fine dining?

Depending on the woman will greatly change what the "perfect"

anniversary would be" Also, where are you located, in the south near

the beaches in the mountains. With a little more info ,I would give

you a few ideas. Are you looking for a "gift" or a outing that will

create an evening or day or weekend she'll never forget?

Clarification of Question bymorningside-ga

We are traveling to London and Norway on "the day". However, I was

looking more for a gift rather than travel. I live in Bermuda. Thanks

for your help

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