'nother One For Ya, Rainbow! Contact Info Email/addy For the 5 Stairsteps

Individual addys,(one of the group will do) or group contact info.

Know they busted up a long time ago..Just wanna tell them how much I

love their ooh child song, and am gonna buy it.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Hi wintersun,

Thank you for directing your question to me. However, unfortunately I

haven't been able to find any contact information for the 5 Stairsteps

as a group, nor individually.

You can read all about them at the following link by clicking on

"Biography/Tribute" in the left-hand menu:


Sorry I couldn't find anything more.

Best regards,


Clarification of Question bywintersun-ga

I know, I couldn't find anything either-I know they have been out of

the biz for a long time, but was hoping-thanks!!!

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