"sports Night" Background Music

I'm looking for any information on a song played in the background of

an episode of "Sports Night." It's from the episode "La Forza del

Destino", and it's the first song played in the sequence at Anthony's

at the beginning of the episode, while Dan makes a speech about people

sleeping together in times of war, among other things.

It's possible that my Google skills suck, but it's also possible that

this question can't be answered without a Sports Night DVD set and a

good ear. I tried catching lyrics and thought I heard phrases

including "has anybody told you.." "she said" "I'm stuck in this [ ]

and there's no way out" "has anybody told you" "take me down" and

there's lots of rhyming that ends in "ire" or "ired." Normally this

would be way more information than necessary to track the song down,

but either I'm mishearing a lot or the lyrics just aren't transcribed

anywhere. So this might require more luck than research, but if

anyone out there has any idea, I would be very grateful for the info!

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