A Better Photo of These Hawaiian Thrones?

I'm building a pair of thrones to be used as props in a play. The

director wants the thrones to closely match the thrones of King

Kalakaua and his sister (and successor), Queen Lili`uokalani, the last

two monarchs of the Kingdom of Hawaii, which are on display in the

Iolani Palace (the only royal palace in the United States). You may

see a low-resolution photo of these thrones at


I've cropped, zoomed, and enhanced that photo in a high-quality image

editing program, but many of the finer details of the thrones are too

blurry. I believe that the effectiveness of a prop lies in the

details, and I want the details to be faithful. I would rather have a

higher quality image that I could use as a guide, rather than trying

to interpret blurs or make up details myself.

I've found several photos which were LESS helpful, but I haven't been

able to locate a photo which gives clear details of one of the


This question may be answered simply with a link to a good-quality

image of either of these thrones which imparts visual details as

viewed from about six feet away.

Clarification of Question bydavidfilmer-ga

I also posted this question in the soc.culture.hawaii newsgroup and a

kind reader supplied this interesting link:


It's better (and rather close to what I need) – it's not quite as good

as I would like, and would be interested to find a better one.

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