A Case For and Against Resource Management in Networks

research article on: the topic

a case for and against resource management in networks

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Would a list of resources be enough as answer? Just let me know. 🙂

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Is what you are seeking an article that provides a comparative

evaluation on using/not using resource management in networks? What

is your definition of "resource management"?

One thought on “A Case For and Against Resource Management in Networks

  1. Hi ptord,

    In order to answer this question appropriately, it is important to

    first understand what Resource Management means within the realm of

    computer networks.

    Typically, when one talks about Resource Management, what we are

    really talking about is the method of utilizing hardware and software

    in task-appropriate ways to minimize cost and maximize network


    I was able to find a report entitled, “A Case for Customizable

    Resource Management in Networks” which appears at the following link:


    Essentially, this articles main point seems to be that, “…Resource

    Management…is a key building block in the implementation of an

    electronic services market”.

    This article looks like a “must read” in the area of Resource

    Management. It also contains a lengthy Reference list that should

    enhance your view of the area. It should also be noted that this

    article seems to take a very strong positive stance for the

    implementation of Resource Management in Networks.

    Another excellent source of information on Resource Management is an

    article entitled, “Resource Management for IP Telephony Networks” that

    appears here:


    This article looks at ways to improve the QoS over such networks using

    a variety of resource management methods including “simple fat” and

    “congestion sensitive redirection techniques”. Their results indicate

    that, “…adding QoS sensitivity to congestion sensitive redirection

    maximizes resource utilization while simultaneously maximizing the

    economic efficiency…”.

    Microsoft also has a article on Resource Management specifically

    geared towards their Datacenter Server. It gives details and some

    possible solutions for implementing Resource Management using

    Microsoft Products.


    RedHat Linux also has some HOWTO information on implementing Resource

    Management in Networks, and some basic information to get you up and

    running with Resource Management.


    Perhaps the only downside to Resource Management in networks, is the

    time it takes to evaluate and analyze the needs of the network, and

    the cost associated with ensuring that the correct and the proper

    computing platform and services are used to maximize your investment.

    All this effort, and initial investment, may well pay off in leaps and

    bounds after the network is tuned and more efficiently using

    resources. However, depending on the size of the organization, ROI

    (Return on Investment) may well be lower than expectations: or take

    longer than expected.

    If you require any further clarification, please feel free to ask

    prior to rating this answer.


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