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What does POV stand for?

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  1. POV stands for "Point of View." In fiction, this term refers to the

    manner in which the "narrator" presents the story.

    "Every story has a narrator, who presents the action from a

    particular, identifiable point of view. The narrator may be a

    character in the story who speaks in the first person. More often, the

    narrator views the action from a vantage point outside the story,

    speaking in the third person. When such a narrator seems to know

    everything about all the characters, he may be called omniscient…

    In literature, point of view refers to who narrates a story and how

    much that narrator knows. In a story told from the first-person point

    of view, the writer chooses to have a character within the story

    narrate it, using the first-person pronouns I and me. This method of

    storytelling lets the reader see and know only what that character,

    the narrator, sees and knows…

    When planning a story, an author usually chooses between first-person

    point of view, in which the narrator is a character, and third-person

    point of view, in which the narrator is not a story participant.

    Third-person narrators can be classified as omniscient or limited,

    depending on how much they know. In the omniscient point of view, the

    narrator is all-knowing and so can describe every character's

    thoughts. By contrast, a narrator in a third-person limited point of

    view possesses limited knowledge, often confined to one or two


    Elements of Fiction: Point of View


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