A Romance Book I Cannot Remember (Bedazzled?)

I read a book, about 4+ years ago, that I cannot, for the life of me,

remember the title of.

I can, however, rememeber

1) What the hardback cover kind of looked like

2) Some of the plot

3) Some impressions of the title

I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction as

I'd like to re-read this book and perhaps anything else written by the


The Cover:

Was Bright Girly Pink, had a hand pouring shiny silver diamonds out of

a martini glass (this could be incorrect) and script in black.

The Plot: Was about a woman who I believe worked professionally as an

apraiser in an auction house working with either jewelry or art or

both. This professional job, however, was just her 'day work' at night

she became a kind of art thief and broke into people's houses.

Here is where it gets even fuzzier-

Either she, or the man in the book, would take the art or jewelry and

then return it later, citing the owner's oversight in security. I

believe she left a rose as her calling card and he left clovers tied

with a white satin ribbon (perhaps this is switched)

I also distictly remember a portion about the advanced security system

she had in her home and her working with Kashmere Rubies, Opals or

some other kind of precious gem.

In the end they find out each other identity and live happily ever

after (or something to that effect)

Oh yes! I also believe he may have actually been not only the good

samartitan thief- but also the police chief?

The Title:

The title gave me impressions of diamonds and glamour. Bedazzled,

Dazzling…something like that.

Thanks for your patience with my sillyness and your help!

One thought on “A Romance Book I Cannot Remember (Bedazzled?)

  1. Your book is "Brilliant," by Marne Davis Kellogg. The book's cover is

    pink, with diamonds and a martini glass. The plot involves a woman

    named Kick Keswick, who works at a London auction house. Kick leads a

    second life as a jewel thief called "The Shamrock Burglar" who leaves

    a bouquet of shamrocks tied with an ivory satin ribbon as her calling

    card. She falls in love with former Chief Inspector Thomas Curtis of

    Scotland Yard, who also has a second identity, as an art thief known

    as "The Samaritan Burglar." The Samaritan Burglar steals expensive

    works of art and leaves a note that says "If you are going to own a

    work of this importance responsibly, you'd best improve your security

    system." Then he leaves the artwork at the police station!

    "A deliciously thrilling novel about an American woman who works at a

    prestigious London auction house…and moonlights as a jewel thief."

    Powell's Books: Brilliant


    "American Kick Keswick has been working for the esteemed auction house

    of Ballantine and Company for more than 30 years, a position that came

    by way of Oklahoma and a lengthy juvenile record. She met Ballantine's

    owner, Sir Cramner, while visiting London as a teenager and was his

    mistress until he died. Her expertise in antiquities and jewelry

    propelled her to executive secretary, and she expects to retire

    comfortably on a trust fund and the money she makes with her secret

    life… as a mistress jewel thief of unparallel skill."

    Amazon: Brilliant


    If you enjoyed "Brilliant," you will almost certainly like the

    sequels, "Priceless" and "Perfect":

    Amazon: Priceless


    Amazon: Perfect


    My Google search strategy:

    Google Web Search: brilliant "marne davis kellogg"


    I hope "Brilliant" is the correct book! If it is not, or if anything

    is unclear or incomplete, please request clarification; I'll be glad

    to offer further assistance before you rate my answer.

    Best regards,


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