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A fact is clear: you’ll never get anything you don’t intend to get!

Do You Hope or Do You Intend? Optimists are those people who have HOPE, who expect good things to come.

When thinking about future, most people say they cannot see anything clear, but they HOPE there are good things to come. At the same time, they don’t think that’s possible to get all what they wished. They HOPE, but cannot be SURE.

Of course no one can be sure on how exactly life will unfold. We’ll go through a lot of events and circumstances that we cannot control. Or, can we?

Just look to the successful people you know and think about that: Did anyone of them arrived where they are now without envisioning their success and intending to get it?

A fact is clear: you’ll never get anything you don’t intend to get!

Success is never coming by hazard.

You’ll never be rich if you don’t intend to be rich.

You’ll never be a successful author without intending it.

You’ll never have your business without starting it as you’ll never be a great singer without studying music.

You’ll never be whatever you might dream of without intending it.

Intending is different than hoping.

There’s a huge difference between hoping to have/be/do and intending to have/be/do something (whatever this might be).

Intending is starting a journey having in mind a clear destination. You don’t know how your road will be, but you know very well where you’re heading. You have a clear picture about where you’re going to and, during your journey, you follow your compass.

And you KNOW that your compass will get you there.

Hoping is starting a journey without being sure where exactly the road will get you. You’re optimistic and hope you’ll arrive in a good place. And probably you’ll get in a good enough place, but still far from what you wished to…

Hope implies doubt while intention implies certainty.

When you hope, you don’t know. When you intend, you know.

It seems the feeling of knowing channels the energy toward accomplishment. Being certain that your envisioned outcome comes, you’ll attract good opportunities, useful information, and people ready to help you achieve your goal.

‘When the student is ready, the teacher shows up’, like an old wise saying attributed to Buddha tells us. And the teacher comes in various forms: information, inspiration, opportunity, and people.

Our mind prepared to achieve our clear vision is ready to meet the teacher.

The only condition for us to reach our dreams is to build and keep a clear vision in our mind and to know this vision is our future reality.

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