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How Can You Cure Procrastination for Ever

Why we procrastinate? Take one minute break and try to answer this question: Why? WHY are you procrastinating? Now, answer a second question: WHAT are you procrastinating?

If you haven’t found a clear answer yet, maybe this will help. Procrastination isn’t the problem. It is only a symptom of a problem. To cure procrastination, we need to address its causes, the origin generating this behavior.

In general, people procrastinate when they aren’t in the mood of doing something, or when they don’t know how to do certain things or when they are not convinced about the relevance of the outcome they would get accomplishing a specific task (they don’t get very clear what’s in it for them).

Think about that. By procrastinating, you avoid doing what you have to do and instead you do other things which make you pleasure for the moment. And, to not feel guilty, you find reasons why it would be better postpone your tasks.

When something requires an effort from our part and is not pressing, we are always inclined to postpone it.

The problem isn’t when we want to avoid doing some chores. This won’t be probably any problem at all…

Procrastination IS a problem when we waste our time and don’t do what is important for us to do.

Sometimes the time solve our problems. If we continue to postpone them, some of our chores are done by someone else and we are saved!

But it is sad when time goes and we let our lives pass us by

We are thinking that some day we will do what we think we need to do, but this ‘some day’ never comes. We just cannot get started…

There are still situations when we are able to move very quickly and do in a very short time what we couldn’t do in months.

I remember when I was a student I had never succeed to start learning for an exam more than one week in advance. Every time I knew that the exam was important, that I had a lot to learn, that I had some other exams to prepare for and that it would be better just to start reading the books. And each and every time I found myself procrastinating and postponing to start until few days before the exam.

And what happened every time in the days before the exam was unbelievable. I succeeded to go through all the books I had to learn and passed the exams.

I was every time able to do in a few days what I couldn’t do in months.

How could I? What drove me every time to find the energy and put it at work to do my job as a student?

The answer is simple: I knew that I need to pass the exams to graduate.

This was my clear objective. I never doubt it and I accomplished it in the least amount of time needed.

I wonder where I would have been today if I would have put a half, of just a quarter of this energy each and every day in doing important things for my life? If every day I would have done small steps in a certain direction – learning new things and taking specific actions.

I knew that I should do more, but I wasn’t convinced where my effort would bring me to.

That was my biggest problem and the cause of procrastinating.

I wasn’t clear about what I really wanted and why.

The fact is that when we know what we want and why, we always find the energy, the needed information and all the resources necessary to accomplish our intention.

In this case, procrastination ceases to be an issue. It simply doesn’t exist anymore.

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