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Your kids as a business asset

One of the biggest challenges faced by business mums is juggling the demands of family with the demands of business. I used to get irritated by my boys interrupting me and not letting me concentrate on work, until I made the decision to see them as an asset to my business. After all, I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for them!

I won’t lie to you and say I never get irritated with them now, I still do sometimes, however by changing my mindset, we have a happier home life and I’m more productive.

So, how are my kids a business asset?

One way they help is with time management and routine. Any parenting expert will tell you that kids thrive in a routine, and my kids are no exception. Our daily routine is flexible and definitely not on the clock, however we do have one. There are times in the day I do the “Mum thing” and other times I work on my business. It is amazing how quickly 3.30pm rolls around and it’s school pick up time!

Another way is connecting with clients. Once I started sharing stories of how the boys help in business and what they’re up to, it really helped me connect and show that I really do know what I’m talking about when I talk about juggling business and family. It’s amazing the number of people on my mailing list who remember when Mr Z was born and send him birthday cards!

My kids also love publicity. They love seeing themselves in the newspaper, on TV and hearing themselves on the radio. I insist my kids are in any publicity photos I do and it’s amazing the number of people who will stop and read an article accompanied by a photo of cute kids!

I also put my kids to work, especially in the school holidays. There are many little tasks they can help with. My kids are currently 7 and 9 and they help out with mail outs, shredding, packing goodie bags, counting stock, and many other little tasks that take up my time. As they grow older, they will be able to help with filing and data entry.

For this work, I give them extra pocket money, allowing them to save up for toys and other treats they want. I’m sure as they get older, I’ll eventually put them on the payroll!

Lastly, by simply being around, they remind me daily why I run my business. Spending time with them also helps keep me sane. They help break up the day wanting me to play football with them or mend a broken toy. Going for walks with them gives me regular exercise.

By seeing my kids as an asset to my business helps all of us – and helps the business grow.

About the Author

I'm a mother, I have two children. I'm a mom creative entrepreneur )

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