Advertising Movie With Chinese People


I am searching again a special funny "advertising movie". Maybe it is downloadable

from the internet:

I give the title: "Side-effect of too much surfing in the internet"

I dont know who (company) made it, but the situation in the movie is,

that there are two chinese or japanese people (men and woman) at a

table (in a restaurant?). And the woman is speaking a lot of things

to him, and he doesnt react to her (pokerface without any emotions)…

a little bit later he takes her hand and use it as a (computer-) mouse

and begins to click (maybe a try to shutdown her 😉 ). He only clicks

on her fingers, if she would be a computer, which you can shut down 😉

Does anyone know that movie and where can i download it?

One thought on “Advertising Movie With Chinese People

  1. The advertisement you're describing is for Scotch Essence of Chicken,

    a product made in Thailand.

    Here you'll find the commercial and information on the agency that

    produced it. To watch the commercial, click the line that says

    "?????????? ????? (MPEG, 6.16Mb)." To save a copy of the commercial to

    your hard drive, right-click the line and choose "Save Target As…":


    If you have a slow connection and prefer a shorter download, you can

    download a zipped file of the commercial here:

    GoGoGadgetEarl: Overwork

    You can also view the commercial here:

    YouTube: Antidote for Workaholics

    I hope this is precisely what you're looking for! If not, please

    request clarification; I'll gladly offer further assistance before you

    rate my answer.

    Best regards,


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