African Americans Involved in Gospel Music

number and/or percent of african americans involved in Gospel music

Request for Question Clarification bygrimace-ga

Hi – do you mean currently, or since the invention of gospel music?

Clarification of Question bypaulmcg-ga

Currently.Thanks for your interest

Request for Question Clarification byscribe-ga

May I ask if you mean ALL aspects of Gospel music (recording,

publishing etc.,) or performance only?

Clarification of Question bypaulmcg-ga

I am not referring to any professional aspects of the gospel industry.

I looking for the number and/or percentage of the total African

American population who listens to and/or sings gospel music on a

regular basis. I already know that 68% of African Americans attend a

religious service every week. A large majority of these folks hear

gospel music weekly. I am hoping to get a more definitive answer.

Thank you for your interest.

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