Are Tomato Leafs Poisons

Are tomato leafs poisons, and if so what kind?

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  1. According to these reliable sources, the leaves of the tomato ARE

    poisonous – the offending chemical is an alkyloid called Tomatine.

    "Poisonous Plants of North Carolina," Dr. Alice B. Russell, Department

    of Horticultural Science; Dr. James W. Hardin, Botany; Dr. Larry

    Grand, Plant Pathology; and Dr. Angela Fraser, Family and Consumer

    Sciences; North Carolina State University.

    Cornell University

    QUESTION: Are tomato plants poisonous?

    ANSWER: Yes. They contain an alkaloid that interferes with

    cholinergic nerves and cause some serious gastrointestinal distress.

    QUESTION : Which part of the tomato plant contains the Tomatine?

    ANSWER :The highest concentrations are in the stems and leaves. There

    are small amounts in the fruit, part of the distinctive flavor of

    tomatoes and potatoes comes from these alkaloids, but at

    concentrations too low to harm you.

    The poison in the leaves can be used for pest control —

    Nightshade family plants, such as Tomato, potatoes and tobacco, have

    toxic compounds called alkaloids in their leaves. These toxins are

    water soluble and can be soaked from chopped leaves and made into

    home-made sprays. These sprays also work by attracting natural pest

    enemies. The good bugs follow

    the smell of the spray in looking for prey. Tomato leaf sprays have

    been used to protect plants from aphids…

    While this spray is not poisonous to humans ON CONTACT, use care in

    handling, especially if you are allergic to the nightshade family.

    I'm happy to have answered your question.


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