do you know of an artist named G.I. Delfaaaww or G.T.delfaaaww

possibly Spanish from the 1950's.

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I have found several sites which mention a Dutch artist named Gerardus

Johannes (Gerard) Delfgaauw who was born in 1882, and died in 1947.

Could this be your artist?

Any additional information you may have would be helpful.

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That is defenitly the signature on our painting it is a very pretty

landscape with a farm house in the left fore ground a distant village

with tall church a stream running through the fore ground with a boat

and small out buildings on the opposite side of the stream.

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What specifically would you like to know about this artist?




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I am going to do powerpoint presentation on Renassance sculpture,

architecture, or painting but of a different culture – say Asia or

Africa i need help on the introduction and descibtion on one of the

three painting,sculpture or arctecture.what material they use and what

kind of design,name of the archtecture,painting or sculpture pick one.

Clarification of Question bygirumd-ga

Sorry for the confusion I want art Of a non-European culture

(preferably Africa or Asia)of the Renaissance period .

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what does "signed in the plate" in reference to a seriolithograph mean

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  1. Hello.

    "What does "Signed in the Plate" mean?

    This is the artist's signature which has been made in the printing

    plate and is printed along with the image. This is not to be confused

    with an original signature."

    source: Ask the Expert – New Orleans posters

    "Signed in the Plate – Instead of signing each print in pencil, the

    artist signs in the plate in which case the signature appears


    source: What is an original print?

    "A print is said to be signed in the plate if the artist's signature

    is incorporated into the matrix and so appears as part of the printed



    "The very earliest prints were not signed at all, although by the

    later part of the fifteenth century many artists indicated their

    authorship of a print by incorporating a signature or monogram into

    the matrix design, what is called "signed in the plate" or a "plate


    source: What is a print?


    search strategy: "signed in the plate" means

    I hope this helps. If anything is unclear, please let me know via the

    "request clarification" feature. Thanks.

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