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In the old Chiffon maragarine commercials, the one that said "It's not

nice to fool Mother Nature", who played the character of Mother


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  1. Dear david5084-ga;

    Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to answer your interesting

    question. The actress who began portraying ?Mother Nature? in the

    Chiffon Margarine commercials in 1971 was DENA DIETRICH.

    I hope you find that my research exceeds your expectations. If you

    have any questions about my research please post a clarification

    request prior to rating the answer. Otherwise, I welcome your rating

    and your final comments and I look forward to working with you again

    in the near future. Thank you for bringing your question to us.

    Best regards;

    Tutuzdad ? Google Answers Researcher







    Google ://





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Arts and Entertainment

I am looking for stories about famous breakdowns after an artist,

writer, actor or filmmaker had finished a major work. For instance,

the work was keeping them going and once it was over, some sort of

breakdown or depression ensued.

Clarification of Question byjanettelv-ga

Not obvious choices like Howard Hughes. People that didn't display

any other sign of mental instability and then just lost if after the

project of their lifetime. Post-Project depression or mental

breakdowns, more specifically.

Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga

What about Doris Day?

"Shortly after finishing her fourteenth movie, ?Calamity Jane,? things

changed for Doris. She began having panic attacks; feeling as though

she was falling apart. She kept it all from Marty and because of her

Christian Science background, would not go to a doctor. She did

however see her Christian Science Practitioner, Martin Broones. When

she did see him, she found out that she was just exhausted. It took

her several months to become herself again.

Because she was ill during the time that ?Calamity Jane? premiered,

she took no interviews. She had always been very cooperative with the

media in the past and when she became uncooperative, the media began

to call her snooty. They began to think that because she was now so

famous, she didn?t need anyone. This upset Doris and only added to the


After making ?Lucky Me?, she had the opportunity to speak to the

press. She explained to them that she had had a nervous breakdown and

that she was sorry for avoiding them. She just needed time to put

herself back together again. Telling the people about her condition

and being able to talk about it, was a turning point in her recovery."

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Arts and Entertainment

what's the best item to sell in a mall

Clarification of Question byarhab-ga

I would like to know something that people likes taht can be sold in

malls other that jewellary or cloths

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  1. Hello arhab-ga,

    Your question is very intersting, but I

    do not think it has a definite answer.

    In particular, the "best," or most

    profitable, item depends on when and

    where the mall is. For example, some

    items might sell better in different

    seasons. Also, sometimes an item might

    become a fad and experience great demand.

    Still, it is possible to think about product

    categories, other than jewlery and clothes,

    that might sell favorably.

    Here is a discussion of item sales at the

    Mall of America: has a nice list of links to

    retail sales figures. For example, here

    is a site showing monthly sales figures

    for many retailers:

    I hope the above information helps you!


  2. how about if we sell Funny gift and novelties (that make people

    smile).. if u have any suggestion pls let me know

  3. Hi arhab-ga,

    Everybody likes to smile. If

    you can make people smile with

    your funny items, then I'm sure

    people would buy them! 🙂


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Arts and Entertainment

I am trying to locate a new or pristine copy of Ken Nordine's record,

"Passion in the Desert." If this is available on CD, it would be


Request for Question Clarification byleep-ga

Would a VG/VG+ copy suffice or must it be Mint/New?

It looks like it was never released on CD, but there is at least one

place that will sell you the LP and professionally convert it to cd-r.

Would this information be helpful?

Clarification of Question bydesantos-ga

Yes, a VG/VG+ copy of Ken Nordine's narration of "Passion in the

Desert" would suffice. The copy that I had around 1955 was a 78 rpm

platter. It would definitely be preferable to contact the place that

would sell me the LP and professionally convert it to cd-r. Thank you

for your prompt response.

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  1. Greetings again desantos!

    It looks like it is definitely a rare album.

    One seller has a VG/VG+ copy available for $78. They have a listing

    for the record on multiple sites:

    via Musicstack:,ken/passion+in+the

    This copy can also be ordered through the seller's store on eBay:

    The seller's home site (where the LP can be found via a search):

    Another seller has the LP + CD-R combo that I mentioned above:

    "CD-R + Vinyl Combo" for $118:,ken/passion+in+the

    This seller's main site is accessible via:

    If you put "passion in the desert" into the search field on their top

    page, you will pull up the listing for the item. Their top page also

    gives some info on their LP to CD conversion process.

    In general, two good places to look for albums is at Gemm and

    Musicstack. Many sellers list their inventory on both sites:

    You may also want to set up an email alert on eBay in case new

    listings are put up there. To do this, first go to and

    put "passion desert nordine" (without the quotes) into the search

    field. Underneath the results you will see a link for "Add to

    Favorite Searches." If you click on that link then you will be taken

    to a page where you can create an email notification.

    I hope this information is helpful. If you would like for me to

    clarify any part of my answer or further research your question,

    please let me know before issuing a rating. Thanks!


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