Windows Millenium

After upgrading my computer from Windows 98 to Millenium 20000.How do I go about getting Word 97 to appear on my desktop? Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga Hi axil221, Please try this and let me know if it works: Start […]

P706 Lexmark

My color number19 cartridge has run out,I have tried dripping in some ink through a hole in the side that I have made.It still does not work.Please explain how these high street specialist promise to refill cartriges,I have used this […]

Looking For Lost Game

Three years ago I came across a fascinating game.Where you and other players are dealt questions about a famous historic person.After all peoples answers are given,you are asked to select who do you think is being represented by computer(he gets […]

Setting Up Companies

Could someone cast light on my problem.Do you have to be a national of a particular country to register a company in that country.For example would you have to be a Swiss resident to open a company in Switzerland?.The reson […]