Wi-Fi Security

I am setting up a wi-fi network in my home (using the motorola sbg900 wireless modem gateway), which will include a firewall. Is it also important to install a firewall on my laptop(s) that will be connecting to the network? […]

Wi-Fi Question

How can I 'sniff' network traffic from a wireless access point? What tools are there and how commonly available are they? I am interested in finding out how secure my AP is with and/or without WEP and what it would […]

Linux Tv Tuner

I would like to find detailed steps on how to set up my laptop (with linux red hat installed) to view and record tv (from either cable or an antenna). Please include details on choosing a tv tuner (is this […]

Virus on My Pc

When I connect to the internet (dial-up connection, Win XP) I get a message saying something like "Your computer is shutting down in 60 seconds", which is exactly what happens. I was told by a friend this is a virus/worm […]