Cutting Quartz Glass Tubing

Last ditch attempt at reclaiming a damaged unit: I have a water steriliser for a garden pond. It consists of an ultra-violet fluorescent tube, which passes through a larger chamber through which water is pumped. The fluorescent tube is separated […]

Locate Plumbers in the Uk

This question is very similar to question IDs 139081 & 139168 The researchers who answered both of the above did so very much in the manner I had hoped for – Thanks. Below is a revised list of place names […]

Heart or Gut

Should I follow my Gut Instinct, or my Heart's desires? Request for Question Clarification byj_philipp-ga In what kind of situation? Clarification of Question bygan-ga In a subtle online dating situation where you're not *quite* sure if the truth's the truth. […]