Login Names (Like Pinkfreud)

hey there~ anybody care to write about why they chose the names they did? (although i wont push for it, i am curious about 'pinkfreud' — what an interesting name) please also comment to add, if you dont mind. i […]

Peanut Butter Cookies

from rec.food.cooking: Here is a question that came up several weeks ago: How did it become tradition to flatten peanut butter cookies with a fork and make a crisscross pattern? For some reason, peanut butter cookies are almost always made […]

Japanese Tv Drama Info on "ooka Tadasuke"

hello dear researchers! one of the recent questions brought up by skermit (https://answers.google.com/answers/main?cmd=threadview&id=115450) brought back some great childhood memories of watching a subbed version of "ooka tadasuke" on japanese tv in san francisco (i was also a BIG fan of […]