Number Plate

Who was travelling in a car with number plate A111 118? Clarification of Question byitsalphaandome-ga Thanks Phil, but it's definitely a number plate I'm looking for – and a car, not an ambulance. It's possible some of the "ones" are […]

Lateral Thinking Question

Who do you associate with the numbers 2859 and 58? Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga Possibly Zacha, Zache, Stopple, Schimming, Christman, and Weideman…? Clarification of Question byitsalphaandome-ga Thanks, but I think we're looking for someone famous here…this is a quiz […]

Church in Devonshire Sought

In which Devonshire village would you find a church font inscribed with the Palindrome NIYONANOMHMATAMHMONANOYIN? Clarification of Question byitsalphaandome-ga Thanks tutuzdad, but unfortunately none of these locations could be described as Devonshire (or Devon) which is towards the South Western […]

Limbo Dance

On 12th September 1988 who limboed under a bar 8 inches (perhaps 20cm) high? Request for Question Clarification bycynthia-ga itsalphaandome, A Mr. Peter Crouch is purported to have done this, however I can find no proof, only a mention of […]