I have a friend who raises worms (he's a "worm rancher") and so I would like to know if you can find me sources in the Pacific Northwest (particularly OR and WA) who are buying worms (earthworms) for recycling purposes […]

Luther Vs. Calvin

I'd like to read a good quantity of material which compares the theology of Martin Luther with that of John Calvin. Further, I'd like to see side-by-side comparisons of the major symbols of Lutheran theology (Augsburg Confession; Smalcald Articles; Small […]

Personal Evaluation

I have two sons, age 12 and 15. I would like to find some kind of online testing service that would help us to evaluate "what kind of cloth they are cut out of"; i.e., what are their individual gifts, […]

The Lord's Supper

I think Jesus did in fact offer Judas the Last Supper. Is there any proof for this? Clarification of Question byjat-ga Oops. I didn't make myself clear. Judas was present with Jesus and the other eleven disciples at the Last […]

Ph and Stress

Is there any data out there to support the contention that stress affects pH of the extracellular fluids of the body? If so, what's the explanation? My guess is that, under stress, we tend to turn "acid"…