Changing Your Voice

I’m looking for sites that deal with changing your voice. Specifically I’m after aspects such as pitch, tone, volume, etc. and what effects these may have on others. Also, are there ways to permanently (or at least semi-permanently) change your […]

Developing Mental Strength

I hear a lot about the importance of mental strength, and how it is even more important than physical strength when it comes to success in life. I’m after sites that deal with mental strength and specifically how to actually […]

Getting Up Early

I have real problems with getting up early. I want to be able to be up and about before 6:00, ideally before 5:00, but I can barely drag myself out of bed before 9:00 on most days. This is with […]

Butter Versus Alcohol

I watched this TV show as I kid that had a scene that I still remember. An apprentice private investigator had to go to this bar and observe the people he was with. They coaxed him into drinking lots of […]