Real Research, Osteoporosis, Fosamax Fosamax is widely accepted as a very effective treatment for Osteoporosis as is described in many websites, and by many (I'd even say most) Doctors. The above link however takes the opposite approach and recommends against Fosamax through testimonials. […]

Asteroids and the Bermuda Triangle

The theory (science?) of continental drift does not conclusively explain the shape of the Gulf of Mexico. —Is it only urban legend that an asteroid hit here, caused this shape, and left remnants under the ocean that still disrupts navigational […]

Star Trek !

Has any Star Trek adventure ever reached beyond our Milky Way galaxy? Even in the Next Generation series with "Q", and in Voyager, the "Delta Quadrant" is still witin the Milky Way, correct? It seems that even Gene Roddenbbery knew […]