Retailers in the Uk

I am looking for a list of ALL retailing chains based in the UK (with 20 stores or more)which have outsourced their IT operations to Outsourcing companies. Please also supply me with the name of the outsourcing company. The companies […]


When a letter is posted abroad how is the price of the postage distributed among the countries involved. As an example if a letter was posted from Iceland to India how would the postage revenue be split between the two […]


When distances are quoted to Astronomical Objects I would like to know what would be the approximate error in the distance give? I am obviously not looking for an exact measurement but lets say it could a guide( 1cm , […]


Which countries of the world would over 50% of the population speak fluent English? (Please note That I am not asking if English is the native language or even if English is an official Language in the country) Cheers Mongolia […]

Development Company

Hi I am trying to track down the address and telephone number of a Software Development company in the North West of England (near Chester in Chesire) The company would appear to go by one of two names: – PETE […]


For tennis, what is the longest rally for Both Mens and Womens singles?. (In terms of 'longest' I would refer to back and forth strokes and NOT the time the rally lasted. I would like the answer to refer to […]

Web Sites

I would like 4 or 5 examples of Websites which do the following: Each time you enter the site you are required to pay a fee. (the fee would be presumably be a small fee for example