Some Really Tough Questions

These questions have always plagued me: If some Democrats are bleeding heart liberals, are their Republican counterparts coagulated heart conservatives? Did Geoff Chaucer know he was writing in Middle English? Why do people say ?I could care less,? when what […]

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Two friends of mine are single malt Scotch connoisseurs/mavens/fanatics. They go to Scotland every year to tour yet another distillery. One is committed to visiting every last one of them before he croaks. Whence cometh this fervor over single malt […]

Shaken Baby Syndrome Defenses

I'm looking for sites that document successful defenses against accusations of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), especially in those cases in which the baby did not die. In addition, I would like the names of defense lawyers and expert medical witnesses […]

Idiot Savants?

Has any recent progress been made in better understanding how idiot savants do what they do, particularly those who can add long columns of figures instantly? In the late 50s, I knew a man in his early thirties everyone called […]