Immigration to U S

How can a U. S. citizen sponsor blood relatives ( brothers, sisiters ) and their families for immigrating to the U.S. ? What are the requirements of the sponsorship and what is the application process and appox. how long does […]

Adjusting to New Prescription Lenses

Would like information on adjusting to new prescription progresive type lenses. The period of adjustment, and the various vision problems encountered in this period. How can one tell if the lenses have been crafted properly per the prescription? In other […]

Arthritis Medicine " Artri-Non"

I am looking for a supplier ( preferably online) for the over-the-counter arhtritis medicine called, "Artri-Non." I may not be spelling the name correctly. Request for Question Clarification byrobertskelton-ga I couldn't find Artri-Non. Could it be one of these… Arthri-Norm […]

Interior Decorating Help

I have purchased a new 2 bedroom apartment and would like to have it professionally decorated and furnished. However, the interior decorators that I have spoken to want an arm and a leg in fees. Any ideas where I can […]

Dreamweaver Problem

I am using dreamweaver to constuct pages that I load to a web site. However, the pages do not display and I keep getting the following messages: cannot contain javascript (".cookie", "cookie(", "replace(", "open(", "eval(", IFRAME, META, or includes) or […]

Error Using Ms Access

I reinstalled MS Office recently, and when I go to use it I get the following errors: Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file "webpub.exe" version 1 * To ensure that your […]