Seeking Banner Exchange Programs

Eversince LinksExchange was bought out by Micro$oft, I haven't been receiving the same amount of hits to my website, <a href=""></a> . Can anybody give me a list of 5 banner exchanges which do not contain adult sites, and 3 […]

What's My Username?

What's my username? Please wait until at least 11:30 EST (8:30 PST) to answer this question, I'm taking screenshots to help a customer here: Thanks. Clarification of Question byskermit-ga Researchers, please do not answer this until I clarify that […]

For Skermit-Ga Only: What's My Username?

What's my username? Request for Question Clarification bytlspiegel-ga Hi Skermit, Would you please clarify your question? 🙂 LOL tlspiegel-ga GAR Request for Question Clarification byaditya2k-ga Please look two lines above your question. (Asked by : <your username>) Please tell me […]