For Joseleon-Ga

Thanks for the help; I see someone beat you to the Answer, though that's only because you were waiting for my clarification. Your share of the payment's delivered here by way of the question below. Q:Were those URLs I posted […]

How to Clean Plush Toys?

I need to clean a collection of modern plush toys. All have huge sentimental value and I am looking for a way to clean them safely without damaging them or degrading their appearance. I have tried gentle hand washing, but […]

Looking For Flic-Flac Knife

I am looking for a supplier/manufacturer/dealer of a certain model knife. Description: 3.5" single sided steel blade Cast aluminium handle Novel locking mechanism – thumb activated button on hinge allows blade to be flicked open (no spring) for quick, single […]

Torque at Low Revs

Description: 11 y/old, light mileage automatic Benz 300SL with an 3,000cc conventionally aspirated engine. Revs out like a beauty from 2,000rpm, but lacks torque (IMO) from a standing start until revs approach 1,700rpm. So far replaced distributor cap, plugs, cables, […]

Casual, Knife-Resistant Jacket

I'm looking for a casual jacket (not a vest) with basic slash/stab resistance. Probably something with kevlar etc. in panels but especially lower sleeves. To be worn with or without an existing ballistic concealment vest. Anything better/ lighter than my […]