A New Trend Happening Here?

Hello GA Community… Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? It seeems to me that more and more commmenters are using this site to advertize their own internet business websites. Any thoughts on this would be greatly […]

4 Way Stops

I pass several 4 way stop intersections in my daily travels. My question is: What happens if all four vehicles come to a stop at precisely the EXACT moment? I know that the vehicle to my right has the "right […]

Whats Happening Here?

As a loyal GA fan since mid 2002, I cant help but notice that there are so many more unanswered questions than ever before. As I go through the lists and unanswered questions, there are not even many requests for […]

Silver Jewellery Hates Me

Hi GA Community 🙂 I've been having an ongoing problem when wearing my silver jewellery…. After a few hours of wearing it, the silver gets so tarnished it looks almost black! Please note, this only happens when I'm wearning REAL […]

Price of Ciggies

Hi GA Community, I will be taking a trip to Lake Placid, NY in two weeks. I've heard that the price of cigarettes has skyrocketed in NY state. Is this true? Can someone give me a ballpark price of a […]