Hotel Deposit

We booked a 6 night stay at Secret Harbor resort in St. Thomas on the phone. The manager said there would be no problem canceling if we don't like the resort. We gave our credit card info assuming is was […]

Color Swatches

Where are a few sites to purchase (or obtain free) color swatch booklets for "powder coat" finishes. Request for Question Clarification bylibrariankt-ga Hi swisscheese, I'm assuming that you would like physical booklets for powder coat finishes? I've found a lot […]

Polyurethane Foam

For packing custom parts in a shipping box there exists Polyurethane foam resin/hardner. Where can I buy a small quantity online thru a shopping cart? Request for Question Clarification bytutuzdad-ga Are you looking for the dry, re-molded kind of packing […]

Slow Grid

In a Borland C++ app with a grid hooked to an Interbase file, everything we do has an annoying delay of a few seconds with a flickering SQL hourglass – switching records, changing record filter, posting a record edit, etc. […]

Folder Sharing

How do we give one computer permission to access only one particular folder on another computer which has multiple shared folders? I tried the obvious things and could only get all shared folders or none. First computer is XP Pro. […]