Nutrition Support

How were severely wounded soldiers, unable to use their GI tract because of their wounds, provided with nutrition support during World War II? How many might have perished from malnutrition? Request for Question Clarification bysynarchy-ga I'm pretty sure that I've […]

Divorce Family Dilemma

My wife filed for divorce 6/02; we are residing in our marital home, while divorce proceedings continue. We manage to remain cordial, mostly for our ten year old son, but there is no hope of reconciliation. My wife was just […]

House Decisions in Divorce

My net income is $35,800.00 annual. We are divorcing. Our house is was appraised at $155,000. Our remaining mortgage payment balance is $52,800(6%/15 year fixed/pay off ~7 years). The house is 10 y.o. and will soon be needing major repairs […]

Defamation of Charactor in Divorce

I suspected of course, but I didn't realize the extreme to which my divorcing spouse was defaming my character as a husband, father and step-father to her friends, family and presumably her attorney, until I recently overheard a conversation that […]

Divorce Procedure, Ethics

I'm presently going through a divorce (TN)which was initiated by my wife. We just had our 1st mediation session. The mediation was without rancor. Immediately after the session I discovered my attorney in disscusion with my wife just outside the […]

Missing W2 Form

My spouse and I are in the process of divorcing, still living in the same residence. She brought home her W2 placed on the computer desk and overnight it came up missing. She has passive-aggressive tendencies, and I have no […]