Case Law Judgments Australia

Find if Bob Broadley and Associates Pty Ltd ( life insurance agents) of Doncaster Victoria Australia or Bob Broadley or Mike Gaut of the same firm have had any judgments against them or had to defend themselves in any court […]

Case Law Judgments

Has HoldingRedlich Lawyers and Consultants william st Melbourne Victoria Australia, had any judgments against them,in any court in any state of Australia, including Howard Rapke of HoldingRedlich. Request for Question Clarification bycolin-ga I have been researching all three of your […]

Supreme Court of Victoria

find case judgment in the supreme court in victoria australia(or if none in vic. in any other state of australia)against national mutual insurance(axa aust.)for breach of contract of personal income protecton,trauma,inury sickness,total disability Request for Question Clarification bycolin-ga Dear wal-ga: […]

Prolapse Disc L4/5 Lumbar Spine Impinging L4 Nerve Root

I need statistics or medical research to show that non-surgical intervention for right sciatic radiculophy-L4 nerve impingment, L4/5 disc prolapse, due to acute injury(flexon,rotary movement) and conservative treatment(anti-inflammatory,analgesics,re habilative exercise program,mobilisation etc) is more benficial than sugical intervention. Request for […]

Law Case Judgment

please find Kinloch Insurance Pty Ltd case law judgement in Victiria Australia year 1984-1985 approx. I do know there was a judgement against one of the directors of the above company on fraud and was sentanced to gail for approx […]

Search For a Medical Practicioner

please check to see if a Dr Kinlock or a Dr Kinloch has been or is a registered medical practicioner in any State of Australia( more Victoria) wal-ga Request for Question Clarification bymother911-ga I think more detail is needed here […]