Author of the Song/poem

Who wrote,

""We talked of hippies and flowers and rainbows and dope,

Of politics and art and the structure of hope.

Strange nights and days of colours in the air,

Waiting hopelessly for roses by the stair.

As the world showed its affection for those who were faking it,

We got kicked out of school for spreading love and kicked out of home

for making it.

This isnt the start of a new era, there isnt even a new plan,

I just hope this one's a little better than the last one.""

Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga


Please tell as much as you can about this quote. Where did you come

across it? When? What makes it significant?

The more we know, the better we can target our research.



Clarification of Question byreachkk-ga


There is a chance that it could be by Timothy Leary…. If it is, then

it would be great if I can get the details…

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