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  1. Hello tinkerbell58!

    There's not a ton of information out there on Ms. Dunmore since, as a

    BBC profile states, "she is famously private about her personal life."

    But the BBC does have a short profile of her which includes this


    "Helen Dunmore was born in Beverley, Yorkshire in 1952. After taking a

    degree at York University and teaching in Finland for two years, she

    settled in Bristol where she has lived for the past 24 years with her

    husband and children…"

    The full BBC profile is on the following pages (I've listed Page 2

    first since that has more specific info on her):

    Another similar profile and a partial bibliography of her works is

    available at:

    The BBC also has a transcript of a Nov. 2002 live chat with her:

    Penguin UK Publishing has a profile page on her, but unfortunately

    that page seems to be currently available (and the cached version

    doesn't work either). But perhaps the profile will be available


    However, Penguin UK also has video clips in which she talks about her

    career. I am uncertain if you have the right plug-ins on your

    computer to view the video, but the clips can be accessed at:

    A listing of her titles that are carried by

    A few more interview in which she mainly discusses her book contents

    but which nevertheless may be interesting:,6000,504308,00.html

    I hope this information is helpful. If you would like for me to

    clarify any of it, please let me know.


    search strategy used:

    "Helen Dunmore" author profile

    "Helen Dunmore" author

    "Helen Dunmore" interview

  2. Hello, I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the answer. If you had

    asked for an answer clarification and specified what other information

    you were seeking on the author, I would have done some further

    researching so that you would have been fully satisfied.

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