Average Listener Age For Public Radio

What is the average age of a public radio listener?

Request for Question Clarification bymarkj-ga

rservice —

I can give you the number for National Public Radio, which, as you

undoubtedly know, is the umbrella in the U.S. Would that meet your



Clarification of Question byrservice-ga

That would be fine— would also love to get trendlines. Is that

audience getting older? younger? bigger? smaller?

Clarification of Question byrservice-ga

I'll also tip $5 extra (each) for stats you can find on Canadian

public radio, Australian public radio, and BBC listeners.

One thought on “Average Listener Age For Public Radio

  1. rservice —

    Thanks for your clarification. Here are your answers "from the

    horse's mouth," NPR:

    "The median age of an NPR listener is 48 and, while commercial radio

    stations have been very slow to recognize the potential of the over-35

    audience, NPR regularly introduces that audience to new artists and


    NPR: Fast Facts (information current at least through 2003)


    The above quote refers to the "median" age of the NPR listener, which

    is not the same as the "average," or "mean" age. That average age is

    47, according the NPR's ombudsman:

    "While the NPR audience has grown, it has also aged. The average

    listener keeps getting older every year — now up to 47 years old.

    That means NPR is not attracting younger listeners even though more

    people are tuning in."

    NPR: Your Turn, by Jeffrey Dworkin


    Note that the above quote also addresses some of the additional

    information you requested and confirms what we all would probably

    guess, that the public radio audience is getting older.

    As for the other piece of additional information that you have

    requested, NPR tells us that its audience has been growing:

    "NPR has grown from 13 to 21 million weekly listeners in the last five

    years ? a gain of 56 percent."

    NPR: Fast Facts


    Put another way:

    "NPR?s audience has more than doubled in the last 10 years, from just

    over 10 million to approximately 21 million weekly listeners in 2003."

    NPR Fast Facts


    I suggest that you will probably be interested in reviewing the "Fast

    Facts" document (linked above) in more detail, because it contains

    other information about the public radio, including, for example,the

    fact that its listeners are spending more time with NPR on average

    than they have in the past.

    Search Strategy:

    I used various Google searches to find and confirm the information.

    The most useful in finding the information initially was this one:

    "public radio" average listener old OR age


    I am glad to be able to give you the information promptly (including

    the additional information requested in your question clarification).

    If anything is unclear, please ask for clarification before you rate

    the answer.


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