Baseball Short Story

Looking for a short story that takes place in a baseball

stadium/stand. A guy has a little angel/alter ego talking to him

throughout the game. Some words from the title are The Night Manny….

stole home? base.

One thought on “Baseball Short Story

  1. Hello.

    The story is probably "The Night Manny Mota Tied the Record" by W.P.


    On a web page called, "Guide to Baseball Fiction: W.P. Kinsella," the

    detail that you mention about the angel is described as follows:

    "An angel offers a fan the chance to exchange his life for the late

    Thurman Munson's." [description of "The Night Manny Mota Tied the

    Record" ]

    The web page is hosted by University of Texas – Arlington:

    The story is included in an anthology called "The Thrill of the

    Grass," listed on

    "The Thrill of the Grass" is available from

    search strategy: baseball, fiction, "night manny"

    I hope this helps.

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