Baudelaire Quote About Writers

what is the quote from Baudelaire about women who invite writers into

their house being like people who invite rats into their mills? And

what text does it come from?

Clarification of Question byrosyb123-ga

Sorry – the quote is Maupassant.

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  1. Hi rosyb123,

    I believe the quote you are looking for is:

    "It is assuredly as dangerous for people in good society to invite and

    make much of novelists as it would be for a miller to breed rats in

    his mill."

    This quote can be found on page 19 in "Sur L'eau And Other Stories" by

    Guy De Maupassant.

    Search strategy:

    Using Google Book Search, I searched the words (Maupassant house invite mills rats)

    I then verified the quote and page by using the 'Search inside this

    book' facility offered by Amazon:

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer,

    or believe this is not the quote you remember, please don?t hesitate

    to ask for further assistance before rating.

    Best regards,


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