Benefit Jazz Concert

After the hurricane, Katrina, Winston Marsalis organizaed an impromptu

jazz concert at Carnegie Hall to benefit the survivors fo the

hurricane. This concert was the greatest, with all the best of the

best there preforming.Is a video or DVD of this concert available?

One thought on “Benefit Jazz Concert

  1. Hi pairey,

    It seems that the concert was held at Lincoln Center rather than

    Carnegie Hall. There is a CD available of the concert, but

    unfortunately no DVD or video is available as of yet, and I could find

    no upcoming plans to release one.

    "Under the direction of Wynton Marsalis, Jazz at Lincoln Center

    presented the Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Concert, just three weeks

    after Hurricane Katrina unleashed its fury on the Gulf Coast. The

    concert and CD have raised more than two million dollars for relief."

    Here is a description of the CD:

    "When Hurricane Katrina devasted New Orleans and every state and

    federal government agency sat inert, native Wynton Marsalis decided

    that he had to his part and initiated a benefit concert at Jazz At

    Lincoln Center on September 17. The benefit was broadcast on PBS

    television and NPR radio and raised over two million dollars.

    Highlights of that four-hour concert are contained on this CD, all

    proceeds of which will go to three New Orleans relief funds,

    distributed by the Baton Rouge Foundation. Other New Orleans artists

    include Art and Aaron Neville, Allen Toussaint, Terence Blanchard,

    Irvin Mayfield whose father was still missing at the time of the

    concert and Marlon Jordan who spent five days on a rooftop waiting to

    be rescued."

    Here is a link to the concert on Amazon:

    and the PBS page describing the concert:

    One possibility for you could be to call your local PBS station and

    request for them to replay the concert so that you can record it this

    time around!

    That's what PBS recommends to do here:

    "Can you show my favorite program at a different time?

    A. Because each of our PBS member stations schedules their programming

    independently, please contact your local station directly for

    information on their broadcast schedule, including rebroadcast times

    and schedule change requests."

    You also might be able to order a video through PBS.

    "How do I order a video of my favorite PBS show?

    A complete listing of videos currently offered through PBS Home Video

    is available online at, or call PBS Home Video at

    800/645-4PBS. For information on videos for continuing series such as

    NATURE, MYSTERY! or FRONTLINE, please visit the specific program's Web

    site for availability and ordering information."

    (The ShopPBS website does not have a video available right now.)

    And finally, here is a form to email PBS in case you want to inquire

    about the possibility of a DVD or video.

    If you need any more help or clarification, let me know and I'll be glad to help!



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