Best Companies to Write Jingles

I am looking for the best companies in the U.S. to write jingles.

I am defining a jingle as a phone number and ad pitch set to music,

which sticks in peoples heads after repeated exposure.

If you?ve ever seen the ads on WGN for Empire Carpet (?588-2300 ?

Empire"), you?ll know what I?m talking about. See also:

I have found some firms through Google searches, and personal

contacts. I?m looking for a qualified answer ? based on firsthand

knowledge of a firm?s track record ? not just a list of companies.

A good answer to my question will contain names of at least 5 firms or

independent contractors that specialize in writing jingles and

mnemonics, with contact info and examples of clients.

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I'm not aware of any Google Researchers who have firsthand knowledge

of the jingle-writing industry. Nevertheless, we may be able to find

you the top jingle-writers in the business based on their coverage in

magazine stories, TV shows, etc.

If you'd like us to try, please let us know. If you absolutely must

have an answer "based on firsthand knowledge", then there's a

possibility you may not get a response at all.

Let us know what you think.


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Given the prowess of Google Researchers, your suggested approach may

unearth the best I can do based on third party sources. That will

provide valuable ideas along with any firsthand recommendations I get.

So yes, if there is no one in the community with firsthand knowledge,

just go for it.

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Hello marketingguy72 –

Would jingle companies that have high profile clients be sufficient?

I would think this would implicitly speak of their performance level

as well.



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marketingguy72 –

What I'm referring to is, if a jingle production house has high

profile companies listed as their clientele — would this be



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I have found a number of high end jingle companies with very high

profile, national clients. If you would like me to post these as an

answer to your question, please let me know.

Thank you,


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Hello again, marketingguy-ga,

Is this the type of company you're looking for:

If nothing else, it's a fun site to just listen to the different

jingles. Let us know if this seems on target for what you need, and I

(or one of the researchers here) will do our best to get an answer for




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jbf777 – sounds like you're a bit stuck? I wouldn't have made this a

$100 question if I thought it was a quick Google query, which I'm

capable of doing myself.

A list of jingle companies with high profile clients and a proven

track record of driving direct response via phone would be fine.

However, I do not consider the regional company posted by pafalafa-ga

( to fit that bill based on their client list,

although they are a "jingle company" along the lines of what I'm

looking for. That being said, a Google researcher may find a smaller

firm that has done good work for reputable clients – I'm not looking

for the most expensive firms, just the best.

jbf777 – if you can give me a better idea of what qualifies as a "very

high profile, national client" that would help me as well.

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marketingguy72 –

Not stuck at all.

These companies write jingles for national spots for the biggest

corporations in the world. You don't do business on that level unless

you're the best. Let me know if you're interested in these companies,

and I'll post it as an answer.


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Sold – to jbf777, for $100 🙂 Go ahead and post.

2 thoughts on “Best Companies to Write Jingles

  1. Hello –

    Thank you for your question.

    If you have any questions about the research below, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Soundproof LLC

    Los Angeles, CA 90024

    (310) 824-1423

    Company leverages the absolute cream of the crop producers in the

    industry to write music for applications.


    Themes for major broadcast shows; clients: toyota, hasbro, sears, wendy's, etc.

    Tuesday Productions

    Clients Include: Budweiser. Chevrolet. American Airlines.

    Westinghouse. CBS. Disney.


    Clients include: Cadillac, TNN, Comcast, IBM

    Creative Radio Jingles

    Clients include: Chevrolet, Best Buy, Sears

    Thompson Productions

    Clients include: Ace Hardware, General Electric, IBM

    Hummingbird Productions

    Clients include: Original Budweiser frogs, coca-cola, pepsi, mcdonalds

    and many more.

    Marlow Stevens

    BP Amoco, Toshiba, Holiday Inn Group, Johnny Rockets

    Additional Link:

    Ad Age's Agency Preview service (Search for Advertising, Marketing,

    Communications and Multicultural firms in the US and Canada)

    Search Strategy:

    jingles credits

    "wrote the jingle for"

    jingles "partial list"

    jingles "client list"

    jingles "following clients"

    "written jingles for"

    jingles OR "original music" OR "original themes"

    with one of either:

    "clients include"

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