Best Way to Pay Romanian Freelances

I currently use some freelance software developer talent in Romania. I'm

looking for a way to pay them so they keep the largest possible

percentage of the fees they earn from me. Today I pay through Wire

Transfer to their parent company in Canada. I've also used

Rent-a-coder (RAC) but RAC takes a hefty percentage themselves. I've

thought about offshore bank accounts or some other scheme but can't

find the info I need.

Basically, my goal here is to legally pay these talented freelancers

using a mechanism that allows them to keep what they earn. I'm looking

for an overview of the issues at hand both in the US and Romania and

some solutions.

Request for Question Clarification bylivioflores-ga

Can you tell us some idea about the amount of money we are talking

about?, this is important because some services have top limits and


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