I want to successfully submit 'Visa credit card joining form' from

Pakistan country at the following website of so therefore I want to know that

which "international billing company" provides online credit

card billing transaction service for the above mentioned website so

that I shall be able to 'sign-up' my Visa credit card account to

that international billing company for the above mentioned purpose.

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  1. Hello shoaib,

    Thanks for the question :

    Q. Who provides credit card billing for the above mentioned website?

    ——————————————————————————- provides the credit card processing for the site above. You

    can view their site here:


    If you sign up with the site you are looking at, you will need to go

    here if you ever wish to cancel your subscription:

    Cancel MSBill

    Before I go any further I should note that the page you are visiting

    is not on a secure server. This means the data you enter is not

    encrypted during transmission. You may want to contact the owners

    before entering your data. Here is the contact information for MSBill:

    Telephone: (626) 577-9933

    Toll free: (800) 472-5551

    Their data from a Whois query (looks up the owner/registrant of the


    OPM Direct Co., Limited

    11th Floor, Dah Sing LIfe Building

    Hong Kong HK

    Your question seems straight forward, but could be interpreted in a

    few different ways. In any case, it seems all you need is the

    information on the credit card processing company. If this was not the

    case, please ask for further clarification, and I will do all I can to


    Search Strategy:

    None needed

    Thanks for the great question!


  2. Hello sgtcory-ga and please accept thanks for your beautiful answer.

    I want to mention here that I had contacted

    organization by email but I was told by its return email that

    Msbill organization is currently not accepting credit cards from

    Pakistan country so therefore I want to know that how can I

    sign-up my Visa credit card account to that international billing

    company? Please provide to me 'clarification' of this situation.

    Thanks for that from shoaib.

  3. Hello again shoaib,

    If they say they cannot accept a credit card from Pakistan, then there

    is little to do to change that. However, I did notice that they accept

    mail in payments on the site:

    Mail in Payments

    I have thought of a very clever work around to pay for this service.

    Since you have a credit card, here is the order of business:

    1) Go to They sell American money orders and deliver

    them anywhere in the world. You can order with a credit card :

    2) Purchase a money order with your credit card for the total amount

    you wish to send to this company. Their American address can be found

    on the 'mail in payments' page I linked you to earilier:

    Mail in Payments

    Their address is listed as:


    13603 West Hillsborough Avenue

    Tampa, FL 33635

    3) Wait until they get your money order, and you should be all set.

    Since they are in the United States as well as the company you wish to

    join, it shouldn't be long of a wait.

    Other that this work around, there is probably not much else to do. I

    hope this helps assist you further in your endeavors. Thanks for the

    request for clarification, and good luck!


  4. Hello sgtcory-ga and great thanks for your answer and please note

    that you have provided 'excellent and top rated' answer to my posted

    question. I shall now give to your answer a five star rating. Once

    again great thanks for your beautiful answer.

  5. Great! I'm glad I was able to help. Thanks in advance for the generous

    rating, and have a pleasant day.


  6. Hello sgtcory-ga and please note that I was going to rate your answer

    a five star rating but a minor problem has occured so please solve

    this minor problem. I want to mention that I had filled and submitted

    the international money order submitting form of

    website and then immediately I had received its thankyou message

    and the message of my credit card processing notice and that my

    credit card has been authorized and I had received my order number of

    87769 but after that I had received automated generated email of

    that Payingfast organization in which it was told that my credit card

    could not be processed because my email address id was not the same

    used in the auction process and therefore my order could not be

    processed. Please note that I had clicked on the 'pay for anything'

    link in that Payingfast website to start the above mentioned process

    of payment for the purchase of

    membership of Netverifier organization. Note; My Visa credit card is

    'active or valid'. Please 'solve' this problem. Many thanks for your


  7. Hello shoaib,

    Thank you for the clarification request. I humbly submit that you

    should consider opening another question regarding this matter, as it

    is outside the scope of the original question.

    Opening another question will also allow your question to be viewed by

    hundreds of other researchers, that may be able to offer more insight

    than I can.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


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