Biographical/obituary Notice For the Author, Pearl Schiff

I am looking for biographical information about the author, Pearl

Schiff, author of the book, "Scollay Square". I am particularly

interested in finding out if she is still alive.

Clarification of Question byblowfloat-ga

Thanks to Rebekah. Although your obituary site gave me no answers per

se, it did help in that it caused me to remember that Ms. Schiff told

me, while we were e-mailing, that she was born May 12th, no yr. given.

None of the obituaries at the site you sent had that date of birth

listed. What I'm really interested in is just plain biographical

information about her, the kind that would normally be given on the

dust jacket of a book. My book came with no dust jacket and I didn't

feel comfortable imposing on her generosity in answering my questions

about her book by asking her any overly personal questions. Thanks


One thought on “Biographical/obituary Notice For the Author, Pearl Schiff

  1. Hello.

    I have located a biographical article about author Pearl Schiff.

    It's a newspaper article, and this is the citation:

    "Sharon writer, 78, not afraid to tackle controversial topics"

    by Karissa S. Wang

    The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, Mass.)

    Jan 25, 1995

    I can't reproduce the article in its entirety because of copyright

    restrictions, but I will summarize it for you in my own words:

    As of 1995, Ms. Schiff was 78 years old and living in Sharon, Mass..

    Ms. Schiff attended Radcliffe College and graduated in 1937.

    According to the article, Ms. Schiff's first novel, "Scollay Square,"

    hit the New York Times' Bestseller List in October 1952. Ms. Schiff

    had lived in Boston, and her mother had always told her to stay away

    from the prostitute-filled Scollay Square. It took Ms. Schiff three

    years to research and write the novel. The social constraints of the

    1950s were a concern given the graphic themes of the novel.

    Ms. Schiff published a second novel, "Walk a Narrow Line" in 1966. It

    was published in England because American publishing houses weren't

    interested in a book about a divorced woman, according to the article.

    Ms. Schiff's husband Louis, a podiatrist, died of lung cancer in 1989.

    His illness and the liver problems of the Schiffs' daughter led Ms.

    Schiff to consider writing a book about how families deal with loved

    ones' illnesses. The article describes Ms. Schiff as a supporter of

    assisted suicide. Ms. Schiff is quoted as saying that there's no

    "quality of life" when someone is artificially kept alive by medical


    The archives on the Patriot Ledger's web site only go back to the year


    Contact the Patriot Ledger for more information about back issues:

    Alternatively, you might check to see if your local public library

    subscribes to a newspaper database that includes the Patriot Ledger.

    search strategy: newspapers, pearl schiff

    I hope this helps. Good luck in your research.

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