Bird Quiz

I am setting 2 puzzles for our local newsletter, one on bird names and

the other on football team names. Have been given the question sheets,

each have twenty questions and I am stuck for a few answers. Can you

suggest please?:

(a) Bird names: (example – "Angry William" answer: "Crossbill") Can

you suggest answers for these clues:

Cider = scrumpy?

Non alcoholic lager = ?

A blind drug = ?

(b) Football Teams (example: "Male Meadow" = "Mansfield")

Complete joint of bacon = ??ham

Detectives need them = ?

Where you send an enemy = ?

Not an Eastern Dish = ?

A naked candle light = ??wick

Vehicle surrounded by water = ??pool

One thought on “Bird Quiz

  1. Dear roypeacock-ga

    These are my suggestions.

    Cider = Woodpecker – brand name

    Non alcoholic lager = Swan ? brand name, see

    A blind drug = Heron – Heroin without any Is (eyes)

    Complete joint of bacon = Fulham – Full Ham

    Detectives need them = Leeds – Leads

    Where you send an enemy = Coventry – Send someone to Coventry

    Not an Eastern Dish = West Ham

    A naked candle light = Berwick – Bare wick

    The only one I have struggled with is the last one. Some of your

    questions appear in a quiz format on these pages. Both give the answer

    to : Vehicle surrounded by water = as Carlisle. Personally I?m not

    entirely convinces by this answer.

    I hope this answers your question. If it does not, or the answer is

    unclear, then please ask for clarification of this research before

    rating the answer. I shall respond to the clarification request as

    soon as I receive it.

    Thank you


    Search strategy

    Guessed some myself. Searched on the question and the word quiz.

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