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Reviews of "Miss Garnet's Angel" plus biography of Salley Vickers author of same

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  1. robininwestoz —

    First, here is some biographical information about Sally Vickers:

    Speakers Agency: Sally Vickers

    As you will see, she has an interesting background, not just as a

    writer, but also as a psychoanalyst and professor of English


    As a supplement to this biographical information, you may be

    interested in Ms. Vickers' own thoughts on her book and her approach

    to writing it. The first source is and is in the form of

    an interview with the author: Miss Garnet's Angel: "From the Author" (about 1/4 down the


    The UK version of has a description by Ms. Vickers of

    readers' responses to the book: Miss Garnet's Angel: "The Author, Salley Vickers"

    (about 1/4 down the page)

    Many on-line reviews of this popular and notable book are available.

    Here are direct links to some of them:

    1. Publishers Weekly's review, along with excerpts from reviews by the

    Christian Science Monitor and the Philadelphia Inquirer, are available

    at 18 customer reviews are also available at this site: Editorial Reviews

    2. own review is available on its site, as well as

    excerpts from reviews by The Times, The Times Literary Supplement and

    The Spectator. 20 customer reviews are also available: Reviews

    3. The Atlantic Monthly:

    4. The Sunday Times (South Africa):

    5. The Denver Post:

    Many more reviews from readers and other publications can be found by

    browsing through the 256 links returned by Google search for the terms

    "Miss Garnet's Angel" and "reviews". You will undoubtedly find some

    of the amateur reviews more useful to you than others, but you should

    find this to be a good resource for further exploration:

    Google Search Results


    Google Search Terms:

    "Sally Vickers" bio OR biography

    "Miss Garnet's Angel" reviews

    "Miss Garnet's Angel"

    If any of the above information isn't clear or if any of the links

    don't work, please post a clarification request before rating the



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