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Ok I have looked for these books for quite some time and I cant ever

find them so I will give you a list of the scenes I can remember from

the books and hope you can find out the title and author of the books.

In one scene there was a carnival type event and there was a merry go

round that was run by some gnomes and when the main character got on

the merry go round he was wisked away to a secret gnome hideout that

two gnomes were using as a base of operations to carry out their task

of collecting 2 of each species on the planet.

I'm not sure if this scene was in the same book or not but it was in

the same series of books. There were some gnomes (not sure if they

were gnomes or some other type of small humanoid) and they were using

a catapult as a means to get people up to higher levels of the hollow

mountain they lived in. I'm not sure if this was in the exact same

scene but there were more gnomes trying to put together a large black


In these books there were more moons than just one that people could

use to draw power from they were differnt colors red, and black were

two of the colors I think.

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In approximately what year did you first encounter these books? Were

these "young adult" books or were they aimed at an older audience?

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I first encountered these books in the mid 90's but I think they were

a little older than that but I'm not sure. I think the book was

targeted towards teens but I dont remember much about them so I might

be wrong.

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I thought of another scene / character from the books today. There was

a character that was writing down all the events that were happining

in the world he might have been called the oracle or something of that


Also I think there were people that were riding dragons in a battle?

of course I'm not sure on that either lol 😛

I doubt anyone will ever be able to find these books as the only thing

I can remember for sure about them is that they were a really good


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Hi jason83,

Michael Coney's "Song of the Earth" series is a possibility –

Book 1: Celestial Steam Locomotive

Book 2: Gods of the Greatway

Book 3: Fang the Gnome

Book 4: King of the Scepter'd Isle

Fang the Gnome by Michael Coney

"In those days Earth had three moons, and magic could change the

destiny of the human race, the race of gnomes, and indeed the destiny

of beings not yet even imagined. And it was possible for the sorceress

Avalona, mother to Merlin and mentor to the human called Nyneve, to

work her spells to bend the many happentracks to her will. For there

was a wider universe called the Greataway, where there were many

imaginable futures and many happentracks. Each time an important

decision was made or a crucial event occurred, new happentracks were

created. It was Avalona's task to alter and control these happentracks

to avert that most tragic event of the distant future, the death of

their god—Starquin.".


If this is it, please let me know and I'll help you find the "best buy".


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Hmmm I looked these books up on google and it seems like they are

sci-fi books I think the books that I read were pure fantasy also the

main character in these books doesnt seem familiar. I am going to try

to get a better description of these books after I leave work though

to make sure they are not it.

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I've looked into those books further and I dont believe they are the

ones I am looking for. Thank you for trying though

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A book called "Kendermore" (Volume II of the Dragonlance Preludes

series) features a carousel operated by gnomes.

The text of the book seems to be available here (the gnomes' carousel

is prominently featured around pages 150-155):

Could this be the book have mind?

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Typo: "Could this be the book that you have in mind?"

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You are awsome that is exactly the book(s) I was looking for

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