Book Title of a Light Aircraft Crash Set in New Zealand

I need the title and/or author to a fiction book. The story is a farmer

in New Zealand takes off in his light aircraft for market and has to

fly through a busy airport airspace. He crashes into a passenger

aircraft and is found to be at blame – but the widow is convinced he

was in the right and the book follows the court scene to a twist.

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Can you remember when you read this book?

Any additional details, no matter how small, may help in this search.



Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga


Thanks to the comment by dormantvoid-ga, I was able to locate an

image of the cover of the book Airscream by John Bruce.

The description

Compelling Shocking Explosive — a story that begins with a

terrifying midair collision and races toward a shattering climax in a

courtroom trial.

Does this sound like the novel you?re seeking?

There are a number of used copies available if you're interested.

One thought on “Book Title of a Light Aircraft Crash Set in New Zealand

  1. Hello.

    I'm going to go ahead and post "Airscream" by John Bruce as the

    official answer here.

    I have located book descriptions at that confirm all of

    the essential elements described in the question (i.e., a mid-air

    collision in New Zealand between a private plane and a passenger

    aircraft; airport airspace; and a woman, presumably the pilot's wife,

    thrust into a courtroom battle).


    "A mid-air collision over Wellington between a large passenger jet and

    a private plane is the basic plot of this all too plausible novel by a

    new writer of great promise. Professional aircrew, ground control, an

    expert layman and the complex technology of modern air travel all play

    a part in an enthralling sequence of events which leads to an

    inevitable conclusion.a screaming catastrophe. From the twisted

    wreckage emerges a tangle of maimed bodies, minds and lives; order has

    to be re-created by the available processes of civilized society. A

    lone woman whose sole purpose is to see justice done is thrust into a

    battle against the overwhelming complexities of big business and

    government whose aim is to protect their vested interests and position

    with all the might and power that they can wield. Legal tangles,

    court-room statesmanship, political intrigue, the human havoc and a

    shattering climax make the aftermath of the disaster as exciting and

    compelling as the event itself."

    "DC8 Paranational Zulu Delta is on the last leg of a routine flight

    into Wellington: the captain has already started the procedure for

    descent; Frank Newton, a New Zealand vet in a private Cessna, has

    taken off and is climbing steadily; in cloud, he is flying on

    instruments under the guidance of Wellington Ground Control; at 4.46

    they will collide; within two minutes, 168 men, women and children

    will lose their lives. saga of mid-air collision, tangled emotional

    lives, political chicanery and a tough legal battle"


    search strategy: airspace

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