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Can you give me a list of book titles on male assertive behaviour please?

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  1. Hello boosan52-ga

    As robertskelton points out in his comment, books on assertiveness

    that target one sex, target the female sex. After extensive searching

    of both the Web and Amazon and Barnes & Noble databases, I have found

    only one book specifically on assertiveness that is aimed primarily at


    No More Mr Nice Guy, by Robert Glover

    ISBN: 0762415339, Hardcover, 192pp

    2003, Running Press Book Publishers

    “This book is for all you nice guys out there who don't think you're

    getting what you deserve out of love and life! Based on his own

    experience of recovery from the "Nice Guy Syndrome" and working with

    countless men and couples for more than 20 years, psychotherapist Dr.

    Robert Glover presents you with a program of recovery that could be

    one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself and your loved


    Available from Barnes and Noble for $13.56 as a hard copy, and for

    $6.95 as an ebook in Microsoft Reader or Adobe Acrobat format.

    Links to all three versions are at

    This is a web site set up by Robert Glover to complement his book. It

    contains further information and the following free resources: Online

    Support Group, Email Newsletter, Nice Guy Quiz (to find out if you are


    In addition, I found

    The Navigator Men's Development Workbook

    James Traeger, Jenny Daisley and Liz Willis

    Hawthorn Press UK 1999. Paperback. ISBN 1-869-890-80-9.

    “The Navigator Men's Development Workbook is one of the very first

    personal and professional development workbooks specifically written

    for all men at work, on their own or in relationships and as fathers

    and as sons…. Contents include: Realistic self-assessment, Challenging

    expectations, A man's world, Clarifying values, Taking risks and

    making changes, Physical and feelings fitness, Setting a goal strategy

    that works, Assertiveness for men, Putting yourself across.”

    This is a workbook used within a development course for men in the UK,

    however, it can also be bought separately.

    The publishers ask potential buyers to contact them direct at because they have various distributors

    in difference countries.

    I hope this answer is satisfactory. Please do not hesitate to ask for

    further clarification.

    Search strategies: 1. “assertiveness for men”, 2. men assertiveness

    self help, 3 men assertiveness book, 4 men assertion book

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Book Titles

Published Book Titles/ I want to know if there is a book title out

there titled "My Grandaddy was a Congressman, What Happened to me?"

and or another book title, "A Little Help Here?"

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